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We raise support to stop Worldwide enslavement of Children!
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End International Slavery
What we Do...?
At End Slavery international we are heading towards a world with zero slavery. Knowing that it is a big aim and a big task but no doubt that together we shall make it happen.
Our specialist care is the first step in the fight against any form of slavery. Through supporting survivors, our provision gives them a safe place to recover from trauma and give them confidence and self-esteem to rebuild their lives.
Our policies are researched thoroughly, enabling us to identify the key issues surrounding slavery and exploitation, and equipping ourselves and others with effective, targeted solutions.
We are aware of the importance of influencing the policies and systems that keep slavery hidden. Tackling issues such as labour export, supply, and demand are a very imortant key in our journey towards ending slavery.
We work in partnership with communities, business, governments and other organisations so that we can eradicate slavery in all angles. Our core value is to give back self-esteem and confidence to the victims of Human trafficking and modern-day slavery, through raising awareness, victim support and protection, training and empowering local organizations, advocacy and other related support.
ESI is also a member of the BAME UK( Black, Asian and minority ethnic ) anti slavery network.
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Inspire with Emertha

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Slavery during Lockdown

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Get Involved ( Our Blog )

The awareness campaign is starting this summer, at ESI we aim to ensure that women and girls in Karamoja are protected from falling into the hands of the traffickers. Be part of this journey and support us in our raise awareness campaign. Look below to see how you can help

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Inspire Project

Inspire is a project for End Slavery international. As part of awareness arising across the globe, it is very crucial that we deeply analyze the impact of COVID-19 and how it could aggravate the current crime of human trafficking and modern slavery if no serious preventive measures put in place.

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Child Protection

With the establishment of child protection services and welfare for children, governments such as the UK's have played a big role in the protection of minors. The twofold purpose of the child protection policy is to protect children from harm by their families and to create safe havens for abused children at home (Domoney, Howard, Abas, Broadbent and Oram 2015).

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Sex Trafficking
You can help to make a difference for those in this unfotunate situation. See video of one Woman's harrowing experience
In 2016, a quarter of all reported potential trafficking victims in the UK were victims of sexual exploitation. Help ESI end this degrading and humiliating practice
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End Slavery Around The World

I was first trafficked with five other children. Out of the six of us, three lived, and three did not. I saw many children die from either abuse or the rigorous work they were obliged to do. James Anan - Ghana, Africa
My chores seem unending. I wash the windows, walls and bathrooms. I shampoo carpets, polish floors and clean furniture. After 20 hours I am still not done Beatrice Fernando - Columbo, Sri Lanka
I was trafficked – I was raped, beaten and forced to accept men. I was humiliated and forced to be an object so men, yes men, could take their pleasure. Dina Chan - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I was forced to work 18 hours a day making dresses that were being sold for $200 department stores. When all the workers in the factory got to go home. I had to clean the factory. Flor Molina - Los Angeles, USA

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