Inspire is a project for End Slavery international. As part of awareness arising across the globe, it is very crucial that we deeply analyze the impact of COVID-19 and how it could aggravate the current crime of human trafficking and modern slavery if no serious preventive measures put in place.

Poverty is the main drive and it has always the main reason why most people became potential victims of slavery and human trafficking. The impact of COVID- 19 is so heavy on individuals, businesses and communities in general.
The response to COVID-is also different based on each country's effectiveness to tackle global health pandemic. Therefore, individual resilience during this difficult season is equally different from one individual to another. This may be that some people are struggling with finances due to lack of jobs or no rights to work, others have lost their jobs or businesses, others struggling with a health issue, fear, depression and anxieties and so on. However, this is a great opportunity for traffickers to take advantage of the situation and manipulate people.
End Slavery International has initiated Inspire project which is a community-based talk show that will reach out to all categories of people especially to the youth, women and girls mostly from BAME communities. Inspire is here to promote a positive vibe and inspiration from stories of resilience and perseverance from all categories of people which we strongly believe that it can make a difference in individuals lives especially on the kinds of decisions they make daily and be sure that they are safe decisions.
Our talk show is through interviews both virtual and face to face depending on what works, we allow people to share their stories, talk about challenges and how they have managed to move on. Inspire is a platform for people to interact and ask questions that matter to them.
We are empowering people to empower others. We are working with a great team of individuals that are aspired to inspire people to make a difference in their communities, overcome the daily challenges and live safely. Thanks to the social media platforms, our talk show goes live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and tweeter, which allows to reach as many people as possible.

Interview with Welsh Anti Slavery Co-ordinator

At this stage, the inspiring project is self-funded and incurs financial costs for its day to day operation. We are welcoming partners who can support this project to ensure that it keeps on running without stopping. We are welcoming any donations from well-wishers. Visit Click on the donate button and support us.