Sex trafficking is a crime when women, men and/or children are forcefully involved in sexual acts commercially. In the United Kingdom, minors engaged in sex commecially could be considered as victims of sex trafficking. Worldwide, it's estimated that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking.

Traffickers use various methods to ensnare their victims – both adults and minors in the process to enslave them. People who live in poverty stricken conditions are more vulnerable and easier to be duped by traffickers.
People can be offered false employment opportunities in major cities and as soon as they have agreed they could be introduced to and planted into the sex trade. Women and young girls may be offered opportunities as models, nannies, waitresses or dancers and also violence or threats of violence are used to control and subjugate them. Some traffickers use the cover of agencies to implement their nefarious activities and can also present themselves as International Dating Agencies.
In some cases traffickers use the ploy of having victims pay off debts either personal or family. This can often make exposure difficult as the victim may feel there would be retribution to either them or family members if they do not perform tasks presented by the traffickers. Debts can be incurred via ostensible reasons like recruitment, transportation and accomodation expenses. Victims have been known to have been transported across International borders and immersed in prostitution.

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