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At End Slavery international we are heading towards a world with zero slavery. Knowing that it a big aim and a big task but no doubt that together we shall make it happen. As a charity we do need some support to be able to implement our programs and eradicate slavery both International and domesticated everywhere.

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Specialist Care

This is the first step in the fight against any form of slavery. Through supporting survivors, our provision gives them a safe place to recover from trauma and give them confidence and self-esteem to rebuild their lives.

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Policy Research

We actively research policies and legislation enabling us to identify the key issues surrounding slavery and exploitation, and equipping ourselves and others with effective, targeted solutions.

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Community Partnerships

End Slavery International is committed to reintegrating victims and so work in partnership with communities, business, governments and other organisations so that we can eradicate slavery in all angles.

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Legislation Intervention

End Slavery International is aware of the importance of influencing the policies and systems that keep slavery hidden. Tackling issues such as labour export, supply and demand are very key in our journey towards ending slavery.

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Self Esteem and Confidence

Our core value is to give back self-esteem and confidence to the victims of Human trafficking and modern-day slavery, through raising awareness, victim support and protection, training and empowering local organizations, advocacy and other related support.

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ESI also spread our message by organising campaigns and Work in partnership with the local NGOs and recommend sustainable solutions for women and girls, local communities in general, families to address the root cause of human trafficking and modern slavery.

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