End Slavery International

The song Voice of Freedom is a recording by Mick Hills and has been specially presented to ESI. Mick owns the copyright to the song, but wants royalties and fees to be used to help support and benefit ESI in it's work and fight to attack and prevent modern slavery.

Mick's Personal Statement:

I’m 69 years old and I’ve travelled all my life, working in 42 different countries, before I retired I worked mainly in South America, China, India and middle East and I was struck by the people I met who worked from twelve to fourteen hours a day for a pittance, with no safety equipment and no security, I thought modern day slaves, this was my main inspiration for writing the song.
The intro and bridge was recorded by a Chinese factory worker I met in Beijing. 

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You can pay by credit or debit card and do not need to create or use a paypal account. 

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